About The Soundtrack of The Legend of Zelda

Into the field of video games, the game The Legend of Zelda differentiates from other video games thanks to the innovation and the new experiences it offers to the players. This is one of the main reasons that I’ve created this blog where I’ve put together the piano sheet music from The Legend of Zelda Soundtrack.

In order to become famous, this game needed an original and rapturous soundtrack. Koji Kondo was the creator of this soundtrack and we agree he made a great job. The piano notes from the songs makes it easier to become a part of the game itself.

Koji Kondo
Koji Kondo

As far as that goes the soundtrack from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Koji Kondo created the soundtrack and the album was released in America in November 1998. At that time, Koji was supported by the Nintendo company.

In Japan, the album was released in December. Nevertheless, the album enjoyed a great success and the fans of The Legend of Zelda enjoyed it. Also, the soundtrack of this game was the last one created entirely by Koji.

Legend of Zelda Wallpaper
Legend of Zelda Wallpaper

The album released in the United States was encouraged by the Nintendo Power Magazine and it included 35 songs. This album missed a lot from the official version, released in Japan. This official version contained 82 songs. The entire length of the soundtrack is 1 hour and 17 minutes. A great relaxing hour of piano music to play for your friends.

As far as that goes the melodic lines, we can say that Koji managed to mix several music styles: beginning with calm and soft music, the album contains musical variations, until the listeners reach alert songs.

The reason of this mixture is represented by the different events from the game. The styles can be reproduced easily on your piano thanks to Zelda’s piano notes that you find here for free.

Piano Keys
Piano Keys

As an example, the famous Zelda’s Lullaby is a song that emerges into an emotional moment from the game, having in the meantime a touching story.

The name itself presents the fact that it’s a calming and soothing song, just like a lullaby. In opposition, the main theme of the game presents an alert tone, with high and powerful musical notes. This diversification attracts the audience and magnifies every moment from the game.

The piano is a great instrument to play relaxing sounds. Just like the smell of bread calms you, the piano notes relax your soul.

The soundtrack of a game is almost as important as the game itself. If an important moment isn’t supported by a melody who outlines its significance, it loses all the charm. It’s essential for the video gamer to feel the atmosphere from the game, as he could be into the world of Zelda.

Later, in 2004, it appears a formation named ZREO (an abbreviation from Zelda Reorchestrated) who has as a purpose the restoration of the original soundtrack. That group was formed by some talented people who presented skills into the musical field, desiring to improve the soundtrack of this game.

Thereby, in 2008, ZREO released another version of the soundtrack that contained obvious changes at musical level. The number of the albums they received was over 12 and Zelda’s fans still remember those versions. Plus, the Zelda World is very satisfied with this project.

The ZREO version can be downloaded from the official site of the team. The album was well-received and it inspired the Nintendo team to release, also, another version of the soundtrack in 2011, containing 51 songs. Club Nintendo was an important assistance for the releasing of this new soundtrack: the members of Club Nintendo informed the fans and properly promote the fresh version.

ZREO - Zelda Reorchestrated
ZREO – Zelda Reorchestrated

As far as ZREO’s version is concerned, is nowhere near as great as the piano music that can be played after Koji’s original compositions.

As respects the soundtrack of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask , it was more complex than the other. Firstly, because it was released on two CDs and totaling 112 tracks. The soundtrack was composed by the same Koji Kondo but it contains a few tracks composed by Toru Minegishi, another video game composer from the Nintendo company. From the list of 112 tracks, Toru created only three: Boss Battle, Battle and Mini Boss. The album was released with the support of Pioneer LCD, on the 23rd of June, 2000.

The magazine Nintendo Power released in the United States a version of the soundtrack on the 15th November, 2000. The members of the Club Nintendo from Europe received a shorter version of this soundtrack, but this version was rewarded with a Platinum status.

An now, all of sheets from The Legend of Zelda’s Soundtrack can be downloaded from here in PDF format. The piano sheets for this epic game are great. Believe me!

Legend of Zelda Wallpaper
Legend of Zelda Wallpaper

Regarding the melodic line, Koji Kondo composed the tracks in the same way he did it since then: the tracks were outlining the emotional experience from the game. Starting with simple tracks, that express calmness and softness and ending with high and daring notes, Koji made a magnificent job. We found this tremendous soundtrack extremely inspirational and I put together the sheet music just for you. Take a look and dare to enter into the magical world of Zelda using the piano sheet music that you can download for free as PDFs.

For other sheets (I mean, other than Zelda’s 🙂 ), you can go and Google them, or check out my favorite: BossPiano.com


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